Alt-Pork Bao Buns & Alt-Chicken Fillets from Bosque Foods

New York-based Bosque Foods (formerly Kinoko Labs) is raising the bar on meat alternatives with its cutting-edge fermentation techniques and use of mycelium. The company has plans to expand its laboratory operations to Germany, where they recently showcased their chicken and pork filets at a private tasting at the ProVeg Incubator in Berlin.

Bao buns made with mycelium-based pork. Source: ProVeg Incubator, Jan Michalko

Food tech investors such as Purple Orange Ventures, Unovis, Astanor Ventures, Food Labs, Big Idea Ventures, and Be8 were served samples of bao buns made with alternative pork, as well as alternative chicken fillets. The whole cut meat alternative products that were unveiled are made from mycelium, the thread-like fungi from which mushrooms grow.

Chicken fillet made from mycelium. Source: ProVeg Incubator, Jan Michalko

The company uses a solid-state fermentation process that preserves the rich nutrients found in mycelium along with elevating flavor and texture. A handful of other meat alternative brands currently use mycelium, such as Meati and Mushlabs as their main ingredient. Bosque believes their products will stand out from the others with their quality and taste, while maintaining an affordable price point to reach all consumers.

The company is rapidly growing and actively seeking funding for product development. Recently, Bosque onboarded CSO Dr. Jorg Bormann, a fungal biologist with over 20 years of experience in fermentation research, and CTO Caroline Van Der Horst, a food technologist who has helped to build two of the largest mycelium cultivation companies in Europe.

The company plans to bring its product to supermarkets and wholesale businesses in the near future.

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