Are Alcohol-Free Spirits Actually a Legit Replacement?

There are so many bad things about alcohol. Hangovers, splitting migraines, telling your situationship you have feelings for them, embarrassing flashbacks from the night before that haunt you for weeks on end. We could go on, but its Dry January, so we’d rather enjoy all the positives of not drinking alcohol.

Opting for a sparkling water with lime or mocktail is always an option when doing #soberlife, but sometimes these options are missing that “bite” that alcohol-based beverages provide. To give your 0.0% libations more of an edge, splashing in an alcohol-free spirit might be the solution.

Optimist Botanicals sent Future Foodie samples of its alcohol-free spirits made from a wide range of distilled herbs, flowers, and tea. The variety of extracts used in the botanicals is impressive, ranging from habanero to lapsang souchong. On top of being totally alcohol and sugar-free, there are 0 calories in a serving of any flavor. Here are the three flavors:

Smokey: Tastes like bonfire, bittersweet, spice, and drinks like smooth tequila

Bright: A refreshing blend of citrus, light florals, and fresh herbs that drinks like a lemony vodka

Fresh: A herbaceous blend with juniper, herbs, and roots that drinks like gin

The company recommends drinking the botanical spirits with a 2:1 ratio; two parts tonic water or cocktail mix and one part of the spirit. We don’t like following the rules, so we had to take a shot straight out of the bottle like we were feral freshman college students on a Thursday night (we don’t recommend this).

We also made a proper mocktail with the Smokey flavor, and tried the Bright and Fresh with tonic water. Watch us make a smoky hibiscus mocktail (and see how we feel about Optimist) ⬇

No hangover…no texting your situationship at 2am telling them you love them. Yeah, we think alcohol-free botanical spirits from Optimist Botanicals is the way to go. Cheers 🥂 #cheers #sober #dryjanuary #dryjanuary2022 #soberlife #foodtech #futureoffood #mocktail #alcoholfree #situationship

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