We Tried Moodrink, BetterMoo(d)’s Herb-Infused Oatmilk

BetterMoo(d), a non-dairy product manufacturer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, unveiled a new oat milk beverage this week. The difference from other oat milk on the market? The plant-based dairy alternative is infused with a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals.

At Future Foodie, we were lucky enough to be one of the first to try samples of the product. BetterMoo(d) sent us two samples of its Moodrink: Original and Chai. The company’s oat milk is gluten-free and vegan, and is formulated to mimic the flavor and texture of cow’s milk.


Future Foodie got to try @bettermoo(d) Moodrink, and oat milk infused with herbs. Check out the article on our site! #futurefoodie #foodtech #vegan #oatmilk

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What we noticed upon the first sip of the original Moodrink is was the thickness of the beverage. When you drink cow’s milk, it leaves a thick coating over your tongue, and Moodrink provided a very similar sensation. The complex aftertaste was very different than other oat milks on the market, and was slightly herbal and buttery.

The extra creamy Moodrink was amazing over cereal, in smoothies, in coffee, and on its own. Our favorite way to drink it was heating it up in a frother, and pouring it over espresso to create a homemade latte. Pairing the Chai-flavored Moodrink with espresso resulted in an instant dirty chai latte.

Oat milk is the company’s first product, but Bettermoo(d) is in the process of developing other plant-based dairy alternatives including cheese, ice cream, sour cream, and crème fraiche. The company’s next products will be Moogurt (yogurt) and Better (butter).

Moodrink will first be available via direct-to-consumer ordering for customers in Canada on the Bettermoo(d) website.  After the Canadian rollout, the company plans on expanding to the U.S.

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