Check Out This Grocery Store Mini Farm for Fresh Greens

Buying lettuce and herbs from the grocery store can be incredibly frustrating. You want to eat healthy and consume greens on the daily, but too often, items like cilantro, basil, arugula, and romaine are wilted within a day or two. Sometimes, they’re already lifeless at the grocery store!

How quickly leafy greens go bad is not only a problem for customers and grocery stores (they of course loose money when produce is not sellable), but its also a food waste issue.

Future Foodie was in London recently, and we saw a super cool solution to this issue from InFarm, a vertical farm company. Inside of Marks & Spencer, a chain grocer in the UK, there was a mini vertical farm from InFarm where you could pick your own fresh lettuce and herbs that were still alive. Check it out below!

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