Future of Meat: Vegan Flank Steak, Cultivated Chicken in Grocers

Welcome to the future of meat.

3-D printed flank steak from Redefine Meat

Vegan flank steak – Israeli-based Redefine Meat announced that its’ 3D-printed vegan flank steak will soon be available at five restaurants in London: Mr. Whites, German Gymnasium, Chotto Matte, and Gillray’s Steakhouse and Bar. The plant-based steak alternative uses Redefine’s 3-D printing technology to create a realistic texture and infuse meaty, umami flavor.

Cultivated chicken from SuperMeat

Cultivated chicken in grocery stores – SuperMeat, a cultivated meat company based in Israel, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail supermarket chain and leading meat manufacturer. This MOU will expedite the production and distribution of cultivated meat on a commercial scale. This partnership signals that high-quality cultivated meat will be available to European consumers sooner than later, that is of course once regulatory approval is granted in the US.

Mycelium steak from Meati

Chipotle invests in Meati – Quick-service Mexican food chain Chipotle recently invested in Meati, a producer of alternative chicken and steak made from mycelium (the root-like structure of mushrooms). This investment is a part of Chipotle’s new venture fund called Cultivate Next, which aims to invest in companies looking to “cultivate a better world” and progress Chipotle’s growth. Chipotle has always provided plant-based options, and shredded mycelium beef or chicken as a menu item would be the ultimate level up for those of us that order animal-free burritos and bowls.

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