FYI: Alcohol-Free Wine, it’s a Thing

There are a myriad of reasons why one might not be drinking – health reasons, religion, culture, addiction, pregnancy, or simply, not liking the taste or feeling of alcohol. If you haven’t noticed, alcohol is omnipresent in so many social situations. So much so, that when you say no to alcohol, you receive weird looks or comments.

It can feel awkward to not be holding a beverage while others are happily becoming buzzed and belligerent. That’s where ABV-free alcohol comes in handy. This week at Future Foodie, we got to try alcohol-free wine from a UK-based company called Jukes Cordialities.

I have previously tried Jukes, and sampled the company’s first product: small, concentrated bottles of alcohol-free wine intended to be mixed with water. This time around, Jukes sent me samples of its full bottles of sparkling alcohol-free wine.

Sometimes I like to take a hiatus from alcohol. I am not a heavy drinker, but consistent social drinking can definitely cause me to experience headaches, poor sleep, and tired-looking skin. Every time I do take breaks from alcohol, I do notice how much alcohol is present throughout my social life, and the great amount of social pressure there is to drink. This week is one of those weeks, so I felt lucky to have some Jukes on hand.

Jukes alcohol-free wine is made from of base of apple cider vinegar and then infused with fruit, vegetables, and herbs. The package I received contained three varieties:

Jukes 1– similar to sweet white wine, notes of apple and heather (to me at least).

Jukes 4 – similar to a fruity, bold red wine.

Juke 6 – similar to a well balanced rose wine.

I really enjoyed Jukes 1, and it was a nice beverage to drink in the late afternoon; if I were drinking wine at that time, I would have become very sleepy. I appreciate that the product came in a slender glass bottle like a wine bottle. Pouring sparkling Jukes into a wine glass made it feel like a real deal. The only downside – it’s pretty pricey. A dozen bottles of the sparkling, alcohol-free wine costs $140.

Watch the video below to see me taste test Jukes and what I thought about it:

Now you can look fancy without the actual alcohol content! Bye bye hangovers 😘 We give Jukes alcohol-free sparkling wine an 8/10. #sober #soberlife #alcoholfree #wine #foodtech #newproducts #winetok #fy #fypシ #fyp #unboxing #futuretech

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