I Tried A Celebrity’s “Hot Girl Chocolates” – And I’m Obssesed

When a PR firm asks if you want to try chocolates that boost energy, concentration, and metabolism, you say yes. I had the opportunity to try Energy Bites from Sourse, a new functional chocolate brand co-founded by actress Sarah Hyland (best known for her role in Modern Family), and I couldn’t stop eating them.

I’m picky about both the chocolate and caffeine I consume; I don’t like things with a lot of sugar, and can be sensitive to caffeine (especially coffee). With that being said, I was a little nervous to eat caffeinated chocolate, fearful that it would make me anxious, jittery, and have a sugar crash.

The many benefits of green tea caffeine and L-theanine.

Luckily, Energy Bites contain caffeine from matcha green tea, which also provides a healthy dose of L-theanine (about 100mg per serving). Two Energy Bites provides 60mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of a cup of drip coffee.

I ate two, the recommended serving size, and started to feel the effects about 30 minutes later. It wasn’t anything like the crazy, jittery energy I get from coffee, but a relaxed, calm focus. While writing, I found that I felt more creative and concentrated than normal. I ate the Energy Bites on a long road trip and before going rock climbing, and loved how I felt.

The color of the chocolate was really appealing to me, as the outside was coated in a vibrant light green color (made from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients) that gave the bites a lovely crunch. As for taste, the bites had a nice, deep, dark chocolate flavor.

To be clear, Sourse doesn’t market its Energy Bites as “hot girl chocolates” – this was very much my own take on the chocolates. Anything that tastes amazing, makes me feel focused and energized, all while providing health benefits and low sugar content – that’s a “hot girl” product in my book.

The Energy Bites (as well as Sourse’s other products) are available online for purchase. Two bags of Energy Bites, which will last a month, costs $34.

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