iFarm and Capsum Partnership Connects Indoor Farming and Cosmetic Industries

Indoor farming is typically used to grow food like leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, and berries – now, this technology will be used to grow botanical ingredients for a cosmetic company.

This week, iFarm and Capsum announced a joint research and development project to use indoor farm technology to support the creation of beauty and cosmetic products. iFarm, based in Helsinki, Finland, is an international farm technology company focused on indoor agriculture. Capsum, based in Marseille, France, is a microfluidics cosmetics manufacturer that only uses natural ingredients.

Microfluidics is a technique used by cosmetic manufacturers that allows for the formation of droplets one by one. This, therefore, manipulates the fluids to alter the structure of an emulsion, and enables droplets to be encased in a protective membrane. This technology allows for the preservation of droplets until the product is used.

Inside one of iFarm’s growing operations

As part of the pilot project, a small farm and laboratory will be built inside Capsum’s existing research and development site, located in Marseille. The newest addition will include an engineering room with an automation control system and three growing rooms.

This on-site installation will allow scientists to cultivate plants free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Additionally, the indoor operation will facilitate the year-round production of ingredients for high-quality microfluidic cosmetics.

Anthony Briot, the COO of Capsum, said, “Capsum uses only natural ingredients to create its beauty products. The company plans to build its own industrial vertical farm in order to produce environmentally friendly raw materials all year round.”

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