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Welcome to the Future Foodie Marketplace! The way we eat is rapidly changing, and will look very different by year 2050. 

We have no choice but to change the way we eat. With a continuously growing population and only so much arable land and resources, we will have to adapt what we eat and drink. Every product listed here is either sustainably grown and produced, plant-based, or packaged sustainably.

You might recognize some of the brands and products on here, and this is because we have likely covered them in the past. If we have covered these products on our site, there will be a “Read Article” button below the item. 

Even if we haven’t written an article about a certain product. don’t worry; we have made sure to try all of the products to guarantee their quality and deliciousness before listing them here.

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Alternative Protein

Meati's Mycelium-Based Meat Variety Bundle - SOLD OUT
Juicy Marbles Whole Cut Loin - $60
Eat the Change Mushroom Jerky Variety Pack - $29.99
Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon - $9.49


Cometeer's Flash Frozen Coffee Pucks - $64
SATURNBIRD Super Instant Coffee, 6 Flavors Mix 24 Count - $35.98

Upcycled Food

Blue Stripes Chocolate Covered Whole Cacao Beans -$5.99
Pulp Pantry Upcycled Barbecue Chips 4-pack -$20


Catalina Crunch Best Sellers Variety Pack - $49
OffLimit's Cereal Variety Pack - $31


Super Mush Daily Mouth Spray Bundle - $67
Super Mush Daily Immunity Mouth Spray - $27
Super Mush Daily Energy Mouth Spray - $27
Sourse Dark Chocolate Energy Bites $29.90


OffLimits Cereal Glitter - $2.50
AWSM Sauce Pack of 3 - $6.00 Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 300x250 banner