Meati Sells Out of Mycelium Alt-Chicken in 24 Hours

Meati, an alternative meat producer based in Boulder, Colorado, opened up shop for pre-orders of its mycelium-based, alternative crispy chicken and chicken cutlets this past Monday. Within the first hour of pre-orders, the food tech company sold 1,116 alternative cutlets. Within 24 hours, both products sold out.

Meati Crispy Cutlet.

You might be wondering- what is all the rage about mycelium? This ingredient refers to the the mass of branched, tubular filaments of fungi. The best way to imagine mycelium is thinking of it as the roots of the fruiting body (the mushroom) – although, technically fungi does not have roots. Mycelium often looks like fine white string, found under soil, inside rotting wood, or on top of other substrates.

Mycelium is very fast growing and high in protein, therefore making is a viable and sought after product in the alternative protein space. Meati, of course, has discovered that mycelium is nutrient dense and has an almost muscle-like texture, making it a perfect ingredient for creating alternative steak and chicken analogs.

Meati Chicken Cutlet.

According to the company, the Meati Chicken Cutlet “…is the delicious and perfectly juicy protein essential that goes with just about whatever you’re cooking”. The pre-order price was listed as a 4-pack for $25.00, and an 8-pack for $50.00. The Meati Crispy Cutlet is “our version of the classic can-you-hear-that-crunch crispy chicken cutlet. Great texture, zero hidden ingredients…good energy.” The pre-order price for this product was a 4-pack –for $35.00 and an 8-pack for $60.00.

Meati Steak Filet.

Are you disappointed that you didn’t get to pre-order so mycelium chicken? Don’t fret – the company shared that it would be restocking these products in the near future, as well as offering pre-orders for its Meati Steak Filet. To ensure you don’t miss out on the next drop, sign up for Meati’s email list.

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