Sampling Voyage Foods’ Nut-Free Spread Made from Legumes and Grains

At Future Foodie, our favorite thing is trying innovative, novel products that use alternative ingredients with the planet (and our health) in mind. One company doing exactly this is called Voyage Foods, and this week we tried their nut-free spread. The company’s mission is to “future proof your favorite foods”, including coffee, cacao, and peanut butter.

So what exactly is peanut-free spread? Here is what the company states on its website:

Our Peanut-Free Spread has everything you love about traditional peanut butter, just without the nuts. Made from wholesome, natural ingredients and free from top allergens, our delicious and creamy spread is meant to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and by everyone.

Here is the full list of ingredients of the spread: Seed Blend [Roasted Sunflower Kernals (Sunflower Kernal, Sunflower Oil), Grape Seeds], Cane Sugar, Grain & Legume Blend (Rice Protein, Wild Rice, Buckwheat Groat, Chickpea Flower), RSPO Palm Oil, Salt, Natural Flavors, Annatto Powder for Color.

We ordered a sample of the peanut-free spread, and got to tasting. As a huge nut and seed butter fan, I have tried all the options: pumpkin seed butter, pistachio butter, honey vanilla almond butter; you name it. Voyage’s spread tasted unlike anything any of these. This nut-free spread did taste closest to a sunflower seed butter or peanut butter, but had its own unique, roasted, earthy flavor that I loved.

The peanut-free spread was high in protein, and I liked seeing the diversity of ingredients listed on this product. Although I try to avoid cane sugar in nut butters and spreads, this product only had a few grams in one serving.

Watch the video below to see the peanut-free spread taste test (and of course, see me lick the lid because it’s SO good). Voyage Foods will soon offer its peanut-free spread for sale on its website for $4.49 per jar.

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