Smoked Salmon To Be Made From Fresh Spirulina

IFF-DuPont, an International food conglomerate, is teaming up with Israel-based food tech start-up SimpliiGood (by Algaecore Technologies LTD) to create a plant-based smoked salmon analog made from a single ingredient: whole fresh spirulina.

The spirulina will be grown in the desert under controlled, ideal conditions, as depicted above. This particular type of blue-green algae is fast-growing, contains important nutrients (like iron, B-12, and protein), and captures carbon as it grows.

The alternative salmon will be crafted to take on the appearance, color, texture, and flavor of conventional smoked salmon. All of the negatives of conventional salmon will be eliminated, such as ocean pollutants that living fish are commonly exposed to, as well as concerns about overfishing.

This new development is based on two IP-protected break throughs. The first applies to its texturization platform for forming salmon-like chunks solely from spirulina. The second breakthrough is identifying and isolating the native beta carotene pigment naturally present in spirulina to create the orange, salmon-like hue.

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