Super Mush Mushroom Mouth Sprays for Energy, Chill, and Health

Functional and medicinal mushrooms are currently the darling of the health and wellness space. Chaga, cordyceps, lion mane, reishi, tremella – the lists go on. Each of these species of fungi offers unique benefits to support your body throughout the day, and even in different seasons.

One company taking advantage of the wonders of medicinal mushrooms is Super Mush. Founded in late 2021, the start-up believes that mushrooms have the capability to save the world. Why?

According to SuperMush, “For thousands of years, humans evolved, eating fungi daily. Then somewhere along the line, they were removed from our diet. Mushrooms are a vital part of our overall immune system, healthy gut flora, and have a long list of benefits to enhance your well-being with everything from focus to energy to sleep.”

SuperMush was kind enough to send me samples of all of the varieties of its mushroom mouth sprays, including:

  • Daily Energy Mouth Spray – Contains cordyceps, lions mane, rhodiola, along with orange, elderflower, and green tea.
  • Daily Immunity Mouth Spray – Contians organic turkey tail and reishi fruiting body extracts, along with ginger, cinnamon, honey, and vanilla.
  • Daily Chill Mouth Spray – Contains lion’s mane, reishi, ashwaghanda, along with hibiscus, lavender, and lemon.

First off, I would like to comment on the company’s branding: it’s bright, vibrant, 70’s-like, and borderline psychedelic. Super Mush states on its website, “SuperMush is inspired by the colorful spirit and iconic music that fueled the 1960’s and 70’s, and galvanized by the world’s urgent need for health and vitality.”

I have taken mushroom capsules in the past to boost my immune system (it seemed to have worked), and every once in a while, buy the packets of the Four Sigmatic instant cordyceps coffee before working out (it definitely makes me more focused). However, I have never consumed mushrooms in the form of a spray, so this was certainly intriguing to me.

The first spray I tried was the “Chill”. I took it before bed, and as the directions instructed, I spritzed it four times onto my tongue. It was less bitter than I expected and actually reminded me of the flavor of an herbal aperitif – surprisingly enjoyable. As I winded down at the end of the night, the spray made me feel more peaceful and at ease. It wasn’t strong, like taking melatonin for example, but offered effects similar to a sleepy time tea.

I sampled the “Energy” spray mid-morning, when I felt my focus start to wane while writing. The flavor was very citrusy, with clear notes of tangerine. I didn’t expect any results right away, but after about an hour, I felt more perky and positive. It was definitely not the same feeling that caffeine gives me, but I actually liked that about the mushroom spray.

Lastly, the “Immunity” spray. It is obviously a bit tricky to determine if the spray had a positive effect on my immune system, but I’m inclined to believe it would if I were to use it consistently. The spray contains turkey tail and reishi mushroom extract, and there has been plenty of research to suggest that these two mushrooms do have the potential to enhance immune system functioning.

I actually enjoyed consuming the sprays, and found each of the flavors to be unique. Many tinctures I’ve tried, especially the immune-boosting ones, are very bitter and must be choked down. I found it convenient to consume mushrooms in a spray form, rather than needing to brew a concoction of some sort. I could also easily take the sprays with me to the gym or while traveling.

Overall, I really appreciated the Super Mush products, and the company’s mission as a whole. If you’re interested in trying the mushroom sprays for yourself, check out the Chill, Energy, Immune sprays in our marketplace.

Note: Super Mush sent Future Foodie free samples to try, but this article expresses our independent thoughts and opinions. We have listed Super Mush’s products in our marketplace because we genuinely enjoy the product. We make a small amount from affiliate marketing through our marketplace to keep our site content free.

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