Sweet Victory Launches Gum that Eliminates Sweet Flavors

An Israeli start-up is helping people chew their way out of sugar cravings. Sweet Victory, led by co-founders Gitit Lahav and Shimrit Lev, has crafted a chewing gum that aids in fighting sugar addiction utilizing the ancient Gurmar herb. 

Co-founders Gitit Lahav and Shimrit Lev

People are becoming more aware of the dangers of sugar consumption. However, eliminating sugar from one’s diet can be just as difficult as alcohol or drug addictions. Lahav and Lev recognized the struggle around sugar addiction and utilizing their backgrounds in psychology and nutrition crafted a gum to help reduce sugar cravings.

Gymnema sylvestre, also called gurmar (which means sugar destroyer in Hindi) has traditionally been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Photo source: Wikipedia

The co-founders studied the effect of the gurmar herb which leaves are traditionally chewed in India. They found the herb blocks sugar receptors in the tongue, as well as inhibits sugar absorption. Wanting to create an accessible product that would be appealing to the larger population, they took their in-house recipe and partnered with a large confectioner to create Sweet Victory chewing gum.

Those who have tried the gum say once the gum is chewed, sugary products taste sour or bland which triggers not only a physical reaction but a mental reaction as well. A successful study has already been carried out at the Obesity Research Center of the Sheba Medical Center in Israel and the company plans further testing focusing on the diabetic population.

Currently, Sweet Victory gum is available in Panama, France, and Israel with plans to launch in the United States in the near future.

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