The Composter of the Future Processes Food Waste in Only 5 Hours

Composting has been a top solution for waste management for biodegradable materials that do not need to be sent to the landfill. However, the issue with this solution is that simply not enough people do it.

Most of us are familiar with the natural composting process, where it typically takes a few months for food scraps and other natural products to fully decompose. Now, thanks to a company called Verius, a process combining heat, pressure, and oxygen can shorten the whole procedure. The company’s new home composting appliance is called Sparky.

What are the benefits of shortening this process? With the current world population, it is estimated that a single person generates about 1,600 pounds of waste per year. Unless we come up with mechanisms to eliminate all this waste, it ends up in landfills and releases massive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. If more households committed to reducing food waste while composting organic waste and food scraps, there would be a great reduction.

Here are some specs of the Sparky appliance:

  • Can process up to 3 liters of waste at a time.
  • Makes use of natural, biodegradable charcoal filters.
  • Has the ability to process bioplastics in 10 hours.
  • Other biodegradable wastes are composted under oxygen, heat, and pressure in 5 hours.
  • Once fully decomposed, the compost can be applied to plants to strengthen health.

If you’re interested in eliminating food scraps in landfills and making composting a simpler experience, you can soon find the Sparky appliance on Kickstarter starting June 28, 2022. The campaign is launching currently at a 40 percent discount on its retail price, at $299. Finest Craft Beers from America’s Best Micro Breweries- 300x250 banner

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