We Tried Bacon Made From Mycelium (and You Should Too)

Vegan bacon sucks. Until now.

We are entering the plant-based 2.0 phase where meat alternatives are becoming more realistic, more nutritious, and tastier than the first products that rolled into the market.

A block of the mycelium bacon being sliced before it is seasoned.

MyForest Foods is one of the companies making much better meat alternatives. Using mycelium, the root-like structure of mycelium, MyForest Foods produces a plant-based bacon product made with six simple ingredients (mycelium, beet juice, coconut oil, salt, sugar, and natural flavors). The bacon is not yet widely available in stores, nor on the company’s website, but I was lucky enough to be sent a package of the bacon to try for myself.

As you can see in the video below the article, the mycelium bacon definitely has a proper sizzle like real bacon. Unfortunately, you cannot smell the video, but my kitchen was filled with the familiar smokey scent I have not smelled for so long.

Some folks like their bacon chewy (I do not), and the mycelium bacon can be made either more on the chewy side or crispy. The company actually recommends making it more crispy, so I went along with this.

I may have made my alt bacon a little too crispy, but I did not mind at all. The components of bacon were all there: it was crispy, smokey, umami-flavored with a slightly fleshy texture that was reminiscent of meat. One package with 10 strips will cost around $7, and this is a product I would certainly buy again.

The bacon is currently only available at one store in Albany New, York, but will (hopefully) be available at more stores soon.

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