We Tried OffLimit’s Childhood Cereal for Adults

Every once in a while, I get the craving for a bowl of cold cereal at night. When I was a child, this is exactly what I would have for breakfast every morning. As a “responsible” adult, I’ve since swapped this for a smoothie or bowl of oats with fruit. Still, there is something so satisfying about crunchy cereal drowning in a sea of cold (oat) milk.

Sure, granola, muesli, or wheat flakes are healthy types of cereal I could nosh on at night. But I want more. Sometimes I want a flavor-filled, slightly sugary cereal like Reeces Pieces or Cookie Crunch…which let’s be real, shouldn’t even be considered a breakfast item. As a whole-foods plant-based foodie, I gave up junk foods like that 10+ years ago.

Thanks to a brand called OffLimits, I can get what I want (at least when it comes to cereal!). OffLimits was founded by Emily Miller, the author of Breakfast. As a child, Emily wasn’t allowed to eat sugary cereal brands, so she founded OffLimits to create fun cereals that were reminiscent of childhood, but without all of the sugar and processed ingredients.

All of OffLimit’s cereal is gluten-free and vegan, and contains a much lower sugar content compared to your standard grocery store brands. Currently, the company offers four flavors Spark (strawberry), Flex (cinnamon) Zombie (pandan), Dash (coffee).

I was sent samples of all four flavors, and can honestly say I enjoyed them all. The coffee and pandan (a tropical leaf that has a grassy vanilla with a hint of coconut taste) flavors were my favorites, especially because I had never had cereal with these flavors.

OffLimits recently did something that I believe no other cereal brand has done – it released an edible cereal glitter that eaters can use to make their breakfast sparkle. Even as a grown adult, I was excited about this. The intention of the glitter is to sprinkle over your bowl of cereal, but I had so many other ideas, including adding it to iced coffee, matcha, cocktails, and on top of brownies.

If you’re still not convinced that OffLimits is the coolest cereal on the market, the company donates 1 percent of its profits to a variety of youth art programs. For the company’s limited edition art box series, 100 percent of the profits are given to the artist.

At this point, I’m sure you’re at least intrigued by this brand. However, I’m sure most of you desperately want to try a bowl of pandan-flavored cereal (or a full variety pack of each flavor). If so, go check out the OffLimits links in our marketplace!

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