Would You Try a Meatball Made From Mammoth DNA?

Vow, a cultivated meat company based in Australia, has announced the creation of a mammoth meatball, made entirely from lab-grown muscle tissue. Using ancient DNA from well-preserved mammoth specimens, the company was able to create a sustainable alternative to traditional meat products to showcase the vast potential of the cellular agriculture space.

While the idea of dining on prehistoric creatures may seem far-fetched, Vow hopes that their innovative approach to food production will help to reduce the environmental impact of meat consumption and usher in a new era of sustainable dining. The company chose mammoth because this extinct creature is a symbol of loss, and it hopes to generate conversations about meat and climate change.

The singular meatball was gifted to the Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, a museum of history and science in the Netherlands. Who knew that the key to a more sustainable future could lie in the distant past?

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